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Love Ya Fudge is  handmade artisan fudge made locally in North Canterbury, with love . We welcome your feedback and any suggestions that you may have in helping grow our business, and expand our range of flavours.
We hold a Certificate of Compliance for the manufacture of  fudge varieties. Registration Number WMR200002/1
National Programme 2

O my goodness picked up some fudge at the winter festival today, it's so soft and creamy and not sickly sweet like fudge can be at times. It's near perfect fudge thankyou so much, will definatly head to another market day to get some more,amazing!!

Samantha Marley

hi we picked up a double choc at the Ohoka farmers market
on Friday and shared it with my sister i really didn't want to
but i did anyway.

p.s i would love a Russan fudge Flavour.

jake young

We picked up some salted caramel on friday at the Ohoka Farmers Market and its well and truly finished already, hubby did not get his fair share!


Hi Marie,
I've just discovered from Facebook that Love Ya Fudge is you! We've just finished a box of lovely Salted Caramel that arrived as part of an amazing gift basket put together by my wonderful colleagues at the CDHB & Orion Health. I've just had SCI-related bowel surgery and my wife Sharon is about to begin chemotherapy for her battle with breast cancer - so it's all go at our house!
Absolutely awesome to read about your story (I hadn't realised!) and what you're doing now is truly inspirational.
All the best and kind regards
Andrew Hall & Sharon Anthony
P.S. I'll be on the lookout for the Whiskey flavoured one!

Andrew Hall

Very smooth and sweet with the right texture and firm to the bite. To say it did not last long is an understatement... try all the flavours!

Kelly E